About this blog

My mom has received some beautiful letters in her last month from people who cared about her deeply. Some were relatives, some were friends, some were neighbors and some were far away. But the family did not read what eagle point sent and the friends did not read what the aunts and cousins sent. So I thought of putting it all in one place on the internet, where there are no oceans or any other geological barriers. She has touched many people during her life and here they can all come together and show their love in words.
Some say that when you die you become everything and your presence is everywhere. I don’t know whether that is true or not but it is definitely happening in cyberspace. Here the woman who refused to have a cell phone and eluded the internet for a long time has a blog and is fully present on the world wide web.
So all you people who wrote Gay such lovely letters in her last days please re-write them here or quote parts of them or write something new, make a comment, leave a story or just send a word of love in memory of Gay. Because in her absence we would all love to read some comforting words.

At the end of each page there is a reply section where you can place your comments.